Inspired by nature

IMG_1732 v2

This is the first time I have visited Western Australia in the spring time and I have been overwhelmed with the beautiful wildflowers which I have seen. The air in Kings Park is full of the scents of a multitude of flowers and the sound of bees humming happily.

I especially love the creativity of nature.

Humans often believe that we are the only creative species on this planet but when you take some time to look closely at nature you see all forms of creativity, from helicopter seeds falling from trees to opening flowers twisting their lids off to spiral out and unfold. The photograph below shows a clever waterproofing and protective film over these hardy mountain plants.

flower close up v2

Many patterns used by artists are inspired by nature. My fascination from an early age with being outside, observing and photographing nature has inspired several of my artistic projects. You only have to think of Wordsworth and his field of golden daffodils as an example of how nature has helped us connect to our creative side.

The next time you have having writers block or feeling stuck and stuffy from life, spend some time outside and be inspired by nature.


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