Love what you do?

Love what you do?

Love what you do?

I was asked an interesting question yesterday.

I was asked what do I do to earn money?

Then asked what am I good at?

They seemed to be two VERY different questions to me. I find it is rare for people to be able to say that they actually earn a living from doing what they love. Usually what we love to do is what we are good at. I have heard a lot of people recently talk about how they earn money is not fulfilling and they want to do more with their life.

For me I have always been good at being creative. Literally anything creative I seem to be able to master at ease. This made choosing a specialism for my art degree an extremely hard task! When I was young you could often find me huddled on the floor drawing or bend over a desk painting. I was constantly creating. I would practice perspective over and over again until what I was drawing looked exactly like the object in front of me.

What did I do after my art degree? I got a job! As a primary school teacher. I lived my week for the one hour slot of art on a Thursday afternoon where I could share my love and passion for creativity with the eager little minds I was working with.

So in answer to the person who asked me the questions above, I replied, “what I do and what I am good at are two very different things. I am good at anything creative and working with people, engagement, networking and helping people develop. What do I do to earn money? Well at the moment

I enter invoices….

But nothing in life is ever permanent.”

What are you good at and what do you do? Does it match or is it far removed like me?


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