Team work

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As an avid studier of human interactions I enjoy watching how people interact in a group. I find it amazing that within a few minutes of meeting someone people are labelled and classified. Despite what anyone states as human beings I think we like order rather than chaos. We like things to be neat as it makes us feel safer. Categorising people helps us to achieve this.

I try to look at groups of people in a different way. I believe that everyone has something to offer a group you just have to take the time to get to know what. You might have someone who is really quiet but excels at producing detailed analytical reports. The person who shouts the loudest (we all have one of those people in our offices) is not necessarily the one who is the most confident in themselves.

I have found myself in some interesting work environments throughout the world. Ones where people come up to you and shout their point at you and before you have chance to reply have walked off. It is the equivalent of walking up to you and dumping loads of paper work on your desk and announcing “It’s your problem now, you deal with it”

I have noticed that the best teams are those who are effective communicators and have positive social interaction skills. They take the time to LISTEN and respond accordingly to each others point of view.

While ever you are shouting in someone’s face you really are not going to get the best out of that person. It’s not a two way conversation and that person does not feel valued or appreciated.

A good team is one where everyone feels respected, where people feel they can express their individual view points and ideas without ridicule or back lash. It is an open space where people contribute actively towards the same goal.

This applies to all teams…sports teams, relationships and friendships. They are all built on a mutual respect and a desire to achieve the same goals.

Team work is a finely honed machine. If all the cogs and pieces work together doing their own little funky thing then the machine works perfectly. It only takes one piece to snap and the machine does not function at its optimum level.

Next time you are in a group situation, rather than labelling people in the group take a step back and look at what they bring to the team!

Why a photograph of a Bee to accompany this post? Well aren’t they one of natures ultimate team players!


4 thoughts on “Team work

  1. Indah Susanti says:

    Well said! It’s not easy to work together with different personalities and people, once the differences settled, still we have to respect others etc…and lovely image – blend in perfectly with the teamwork theme 🙂

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