Introducing….Happy Green World

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It seems I have the ability to make friends anywhere. One of my usual places to get talking to people is on a flight. I find other people’s life stories fascinating and a recent, boring 4 hour flight was transformed by the interesting conversation I had with the lady sat beside me.

Let me introduce Happy Green World:

This is a FREE educational tool developed by Environmental Consultant Marlou Bessem in 2011. Marlou’s passion for recycling blew me away. She is actually so passionate about shaving the planet and finding ways to recycle that she is offering her skills and knowledge for free.

At the time, living in Cairo, they were confronted daily with enormous amounts of rubbish on the streets and the effect of this on the environment. Marlou explained to me that whilst living in Egypt she began to show people the benefits of recycling but one area in particular really took off…..composting!

It’s such a simple thing. Being brought up in the UK we have always had a compost bin at the bottom of the garden. My parents would actively encourage us to compost waste food and teabags on a daily basis. This didn’t seem a big thing to me but then if you think about Egypt, sand, dessert and a lack of fertile soil to grow things in. The simple knowledge of composting becomes invaluable to farmers and people growing crops and fruits for a living. Best of all…its free!

It amazed me how a simple sharing of information through telling your story and sharing your passion with others for something which you feel is important can help to inspire and change others. Then I realised that is what most of us do who spend our spare time writing blog posts on here to share our knowledge and experiences with the rest of the world.

What started off as a noisy and negative flight was completely transformed by the amazing personality of Marlou. Please take some time to visit her sites and spread the word. Together we can change the world! It all starts with one person…





4 thoughts on “Introducing….Happy Green World

  1. Marlou says:

    Thank you so much for intruducing me!
    Last week I was contacted by an organisation based in Nepal and Curacao to cooperate and adjust the Green World program to their countries. Happy we can reach out to even more children and teach then a sustainable behavior towards waste.
    Thank you, Marlou

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