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I miss home!

I’ve been sat here thinking what it is I actually miss about home?

Living in a different country is hard work. It is exciting, fun, interesting and gives you a completely different perspective on life but sometimes it is really hard!

Home to me isn’t necessarily where you were born. It is where the people who are important to you are. It is where you feel safe and accepted. It is a place which you feel a longing to go back to. Its somewhere which has contributed to make you YOU.

Today I miss my friends and family. I miss people who know me and people who I trust. I really miss talking to people who I don’t have to slow my words down for and be conscious of how I am pronouncing everything. I miss communication; easy, simple, not having to think about it communication. I am aware that as soon as I speak I am “different”. As human beings we are natural herd animals and we do have a desire to “fit in” and not “stand out“.

I have never experienced anything like this before. I have always been recognised and remembered for my bubbly personality rather than my accent.

I feel tired of people asking me where I come from, how long I have been here and pointing out the words which I pronounce differently. I know these people mean no malice but it gets tiring answering the same questions on a daily basis. Maybe I could get some cards to pass out when I meet new people?

You begin to feel like you are being judged and labelled based on where you come from not for the fact that you were confident enough to up and move to a whole new country!

So what I am going to do about how I feel? 

I am going to remind myself of why where I come from is so awesome! Why I should be proud to be different. I am going to phone a family member and talk without worrying about how I sound. Then when tomorrow comes I will be ready to start a new day being Yorkshire and PROUD!

Yorkshires famous rhubarb!

Yorkshires famous rhubarb!

Be proud of who you are…your heritage, upbringing and back ground is YOURS and it has made you the fabulous and unique person you are. I feel better already!



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