Peace, symbolism and listening to yourself

Yesterday I went in search of peace.

I wanted peace from my thoughts, from the internal turmoil I was feeling and I wanted to find somewhere silent where I could just exist and feel safe in being me.

This is what I found….


I love singing bowls! For me playing my singing bowl, which I left in the UK when I moved to Australia, brings about a sense of calm and peace. It symbolises meditation and that silent turning within to find answers. After playing with these singing bowls they continued to resonate gently in the breeze (hence why the photo is a little blurry).

A tree is also a significant symbol for me. I had a favourite Oak tree in the UK which I would climb and sit in. When I was sat in this tree I would become aware of the present moment, the birds singing around me and the light dancing through its branches.

I spent a lot of time in this peaceful place which I found in Dawin’s Botanic Garden’s yesterday.

When you listen to yourself and you know what you need you will always find it.


4 thoughts on “Peace, symbolism and listening to yourself”

  1. I love your idea of finding that peace within yourself, wherever you may be. I have never heard of singing bowls but your description reminded me of the peaceful “DONG….DONG….” of my meditation classes. With very few words you created a vivid picture in my mind. All your posts have great photos as well!

    1. Thank you that’s lovely to hear. A singing bowl is most beautiful when the accompanying “stick” (for want of a better word) is run around the edge. It creates a lovely constant, building and drawn out hum 🙂 super relaxing!

      1. I think you should be able to. They are usually sold in “hippy” type stores. I have seen them in the UK and Australia. They are originally from India. Good luck finding one. I hope you are successful 🙂

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