Walking in step with true friends

2015 06 in step. Copyright Key Image Photographers

Have you ever met someone and you have just felt so unbelievably comfortable in their presence instantly?

You just feel relaxed with them. You can be yourself with them.

Some people believe this is a soul mate connection, you have known this person in another life and your soul has recognised them.

This is an usual feeling for me to get with someone as, in truth, I am suspicious of most people I first meet. I use to be very trusting, I would take people’s word as truth, I would believe what they would say to me and I would not question their integrity.

What happened? I got hurt. Not just once, repetitively by several different people continuously over several years. People who were not true to their word, who were only thinking about personal gain and people who let me down.

Over time I came to realise that these people were not walking in step with me. Their path was taking them a different direction and the easiest way to deal with the upset and hurt was to watch them walk into the sunset and continue on my path without them.

When I do experience that relaxed and comfortable feeling with someone now I know now that it is because they are a true person. They are honest and comfortable with who they are. This is the gift the hurt I went through has offered me. I have the great fortunate to have met some incredible people along my journey and although we may not physically be in the same location, and be able to walk side by side, I know that when my days are a little darker they are walking beside me in perfect step with me, encouraging me to be the best that I can be.

Out of every negative there is always a positive, ying and yang.

To these friends I am truly thankful, I am glad that I have you walking beside me and this post is for you!

Have a great week 🙂


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