My three S’s – Sunsets, Sunrise and Stars

Sunrise at Uluru

Sunrise at Uluru

Human beings have an affinity to the sun setting and rising each day. For hundreds of years this natural and unchanging process has continued as different cultures and races have all marvelled at it and placed their own meaning and labels onto the experience.

We plan our lives around the sun setting and rising.

If you think about it before watches and alarm clocks we would have been woken up naturally by the sun rising and know when it was time to sleep when the sun began to set.

Now we have artificial lights which try to fool the brain into staying awake longer. We no longer consider ourselves “controlled” or “restricted” by the hours of daylight.

Ask yourself when was the last time you allowed yourself to be woken naturally. By naturally I mean no alarm clocks but also no heavy curtains or thick blinds. When did you go to bed when the sun set and wake up to the sun rising?

Whilst travelling through the Outback of the Northern Territory I did just that. There’s no TV to distract you, or artificial lights other than torches. You can sit around a camp fire with your friends and chat but by 8pm I was starting to feel tired…unheard of for me as I am usually a night owl.

My favourite part of trekking in the bush and doing outback tours was sleeping in a swag. A swag is a canvas sleeping bag which you lay in. There is no roof above you which was the best bit, I could fall asleep watching the stars. There is no artificial lights to desensitise my eyes so I could see the milky way in all its detail and watch shooting stars travel across the sky.

Then, when morning came, I found myself being gradually woken by the natural light at an unheard of hour for me. I mean who knew there were actually TWO 5 o clocks in a day!? I woke with a sense of peace, contentment and a slight disappointment that there were no stars in the sky to stare at.

Nothing beats falling asleep watching the stars and waking up to a sunrise!

Sunset in Outback bush camp NT

Sunset in Outback bush camp NT


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