George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

BG Darwin copyright Key Image

Bertie has, in his travels, become somewhat of an expert when it comes to visiting Australia’s Botanic Gardens. Each state has a different garden which is unique to that area, not necessarily unique in the plants there but in the layout and design.

Bertie found himself sat in beautiful lush surroundings soaking up the tranquil atmosphere of Darwin’s Botanic Gardens. He was glad he had found a map in the entrance to the gardens. All the gardens he had visited in Australia had maps at the entrances.

Darwin bot gardens map

Situated just outside of the main town, Bertie had been carried here in the safety of his camera bag. He was also aware that there was the possibility of catching the number 4 bus and taking it a few stops out of town but on this occasion his transportation had been a pair of legs!

Where ever you go in this town you need to make sure you carry lots of water with you, Bertie thought as he wiped the sweat from his little bear brow for the 20th time since they had left the cool, air conditioned flat.

The gardens have plenty of water filling stations which Bertie was glad for. They also have clear signposted paths. The walk to the waterfalls is definitely worth it and only a short distance. Bertie had heard so much talk about “the wet” season here that he was looking forward to seeing how the water at the water falls flowed when it had been raining! It was lovely and peaceful here and Bertie sat down to contemplate his big move to a new state!

Botanic gardens waterfall


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