Darwin the Northern Territory

My travels in Australia have found me in Darwin in the Northern Territory and I will be living here a while as I have just secured a job and a nice little flat share here.

Darwin is at the top end of Australia. It’s famous for its fabulous National Parks, Kakadu and Litchfield, its strong aboriginal communities and its cyclones. It has a tropical climate so I have spent the first week here becoming adjusted to the humid heat rather than the dry heat of Perth. My body has not liked it at all!

Darwin has two main seasons, unlike most places in the world it does not have a winter or summer but a wet and dry. It is the dry season at the moment. The temperatures and the humidity have dropped to the high 20’s and early 30’s. The wet brings sporadic heavy rain, thunder storms (which I am VERY excited about photographing!) and lots and lots of humidity!

Needless to say I really like air conditioning at the moment!!!!

The best thing so far about Darwin has been the sunsets and the fact that I have a lovely private balcony to view them from!


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