Kings Park

City scape from Kings Park, Perth, WA

City scape from Kings Park, Perth, WA

My creative photography work since University has always been based around the idea of journeys. For my degree I produced prints using a dark room and developing techniques which involved smelly chemicals and my favourite radio station.

My obsession with recording my journey’s has not stopped. I still keep a journal and I have collections of photographs from around the world.

When I first came to Perth one place which had me awestruck was King’s Park. I love it here! I know the place inside out now as I have walked here so much. I have an infinity to woods and trees. There is something about them. I just love being around them. I feel more grounded and calmer after a walk in the woods. I also love being high up. I like the way the energy feels when you can see for miles. This park encompasses both these things, then throw into the equation a camera and I am one happy little photographer!

IMG_1295 crop copyright Key Image Photographers

Last week I decided to take some night time photographs….the result produced an eerily similar, but improved on, set of prints to those I had in my early exhibitions at art college.

1321 1322_HDR2 copyright Key Image Photographers

Kings Park at night….an awesome place to visit during the day, even more beautiful at dusk!

1341 1342_HDR2 copyright Key Image Photographers


2 thoughts on “Kings Park

  1. Indah Susanti says:

    Beautiful night photography! Do you still process film in darkroom? I wonder if the materials for darkroom are still easy to get nowadays.
    I learned photography using analog camera but I sent the films to a photo studio for processing..I wish I learned how to process the film myself back then 🙂

    • Key Image Photographers says:

      I use digital at the moment but I still have my beloved film camera as well as all my processing stuff! You can still buy the chemicals and the paper. It’s a magical process watching your photograph appear on the paper in front of you 🙂 I could never get bored of that.

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