Perspective and depth

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One of the things which I realised at Art College was I had a good understanding of perspective and depth….well not a good understanding, an excellent understanding!

I remember being 10 years old and drawing a street scene using a vanishing point to draw peoples eyes to the centre of the scene.

I hate it when things aren’t straight….seriously I can tell if a picture on the wall is out by a few mm.

As I grew within myself I learnt that perspective and depth are not something which can only be applied to an image (I love photographing in this way) or an object but also to a person.

Different people have different perspectives on the world. Some people choose to focus on the small details, some the bigger picture, some people look at the negative, the faults, the flaws, some find the improvements in everything that can be done. Others choose to see the positive, the worthwhile and the good.

Teams are developed because people bring their own unique perspectives and skills to the same cause. One persons strength is another persons weakness. A team who works together has ascertained their shared goals and agreed a plan of action which incorporates everyones strengths in order to achieve the shared goal.

This is the same for any human relationship and interaction. If you can ascertain your shared goals you can find a way to work together towards them. If you focus on what is wrong and what the other person is not doing to meet your goals then you will continue to experience trouble and strife in that relationship.

Next time you are faced with a confronting situation and person, ask yourself “What are our shared goals?” It is from this point of understanding that you can base your responses to that person and improve your relationships by reaching a win win solution.


2 thoughts on “Perspective and depth

  1. mariner2mother says:

    Oooo. I love this. Shared goals- great point! I, too, see that one’s perspective makes a huge difference in the way we each see the world. For me, I’ve used shifting my own perspective (changing deeply held mis-beliefs) as a way of healing and transmuting energy within myself. Seen some amazing things happen. Recently I’ve come to think of this change of perspective or change of energy as alchemy. So powerful! Will have to blog about that.

    • Key Image Photographers says:

      Thank you. I am so pleased you enjoyed this and was able to relate to the concept. I think it is so important to have an open minded approach to things, you never know what hidden gems you may find. I look forward to reading your blog on alchemy 🙂

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