What a difference a smile makes….

I’ve travelled many different places in different countries and on different types of transportation but I want to dedicate today’s post to Perth’s bus drivers.

Where I come from people have always moaned about bus drivers, from the buses never being on time or from them being grumpy. 

When I arrived in Australia last year the first thing I did was take a bus to the city to find my accommodation. The bus driver was awesome. He told me exactly where I needed to go to find my hostel, he even let me know when I had arrived at the correct stop.

When I travelled to Darwin from Perth I assumed the bus drivers there would be just as helpful….wrong! This observation has been reinforced everywhere I have travelled. 

Perth bus drivers greet you with a smile and are a wealth of information, the main thing is though, they are willing to help. This is just my experience and other people’s views may differ but I think they deserve recognition for the positivity they elude whilst safely transporting visitors and commutors about the city. 

I am sure they have their bad days and ackward customers like everyone else but when you face things with a smile and a bit of positivity it’s amazing what a difference you can make to someone’s journey!


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