Bertie’s Quokka experience!

Bertie Quokka copyright Key Image

It’s been a while since Bertie the Bear made an appearance on my blog so I thought I would show you some of the things the travelling bear has been up to recently.

Bertie always felt excited when he was placed in the camera bag. Although it was a little cramped and resembled travelling economy class on an airline (without the inflight entertainment), it always meant that he was going somewhere. Somewhere new, somewhere different and somewhere exciting.

There was a time in his life when Bertie would have dreaded going somewhere new. He didn’t do new experiences and he certainly did not step out of his comfort zone. However, as his confidence grew so did his circle of experiences and he now felt a pang of excitement as he set off on a new adventure.

Bertie was now an experienced traveller and he knew that he was on a boat and a fast one at that. When the boat slowed to a stop Bertie felt the warmth of the sun heating up the outside of the camera case. Then there was a new feeling, one he had not experienced yet. It was a sort of occasional jerking and bouncing, a stop and start feeling but also a smooth sensation. He could hear the wind whistle around the camera bag so he knew that he was moving. When Bertie was finally freed of his comfy padded bag he realised he had been a passenger on a bicycle.

Bertie was placed gently on the warm tarmac which could only mean one thing….photo time!

A weird snuffling feeling made him jump. He froze as he could feel the warm breath of something on the back of his head. Bertie did not need to worry though….this was a Quokka. An extremely friendly animal which looked like a rat crossed with a kangaroo and was no bigger than a cat. The Quokka had never seen a Bertie and Bertie had never seen a Quokka. Quokka’s are only found on Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth, Western Australia. The island was named Rotte nest, which translates to “rats nest” by Willem de Vlamingh in 1696. What a privilege to meet one!

Just goes to show that you make friends where ever you go!


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