My map obsession!

IMG_1463 copyright Key Image Photographers Those of you who don’t know me will not be aware of my obsession of collecting maps where ever I travel. I love maps! I can not recall when this started but I think it was mainly due to travelling on my own a lot. I think it is a safety net of some sorts? All I do know is the more maps I have of a place the happier I feel! I usually have one favourite and that is the one which I use the most. I mark on where I want to go and off I trundle into the unknown….but it is not unknown as I have a map! (Insert smug face here….) The best maps are free maps! Go to any Tourist Information centre….usually hiding away at the back is the free map section. It is like a library of information. Hostels and Hotels are also good at providing free city maps. I do have some treasured Ordinance Survey maps for my bigger hiking adventures which are battered and torn and most importantly…..used. I suppose some people collect magnets or keyrings from the places they visit, for me it seems to have become maps. I recently went to Adelaide, in South Australia. One of the places I decided that I wanted to visit was the Botanic Gardens. This is the awesome little free map which I found on the way which gave me some back ground to the gardens. IMG_3168 Here are some of the background facts just in case you fancy visiting: The gardens do not only have 16 hectares of plants, but also a pharmaceutical herb garden and several pieces of stunning architecture. This is one of three sites which together comprise the Botanic Gardens of South Australia. The other two sites are in Witting and Mount Lofty. The central gardens is easy to get to and a short easy walk from the city centre past the University.  The gardens are laid out to tell stories of how plants shape our future. There is also a cafe, shop and public convenances. 


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