The power of “like”

Ana copyright Key Image Photographers


I have just noticed that I have over 1500 followers of my blog!

This is awesome news. I remember a few years ago thinking that I was writing to myself. I still recall the buzz I felt when I got my first “like” and my first “comment”. People could actually relate to what I was saying!? That inspired me to keep writing and keep photographing, even on those days where I really didn’t know what to say.

I would like everyone to remember the power of a “like”. Too often people will just like something and then move on. To me, when I like something, it means that something in that persons blog has reached out and touched me. Just realised how creepy that sounds, what I mean is that their experience and perception of their experience is something which I can personally relate to. It creates a connection.

I feel that a “like” inspires and enthuses the owner of the post with positivity and a warm reassurance that we are out there and we are listening.

So go ahead and “like” something today, but do it with awareness and meaning. The power is in your hands. Use it wisely and don’t just give it away. Treasure it as a gift to someone who has put time and effort into what they are doing.

You just might be making someones day!


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