Faces in the rocks!

2013 07 Ilkley_Pano copyright Key Image

One of my favourite places to visit when I am back in the UK is Burnley Moor in Ilkley, Leeds.

It’s a relatively small moor by Yorkshire standards, made popular by the famous Cow and Calf rocks. A short walk of about 20 – 30 minutes, on a well laid Yorkshire stone path, takes you to the stone circle of the Twelve Apostles. The tallest stone amongst the twelve is only a metre and a half high.

There have been several theories as to why the stones are there, some suggest the stones were used for observation of the movement of the moon or celestial bodies.

It is a lovely place to sit and reflect on a summers day and if you look long enough at the stones you may even be lucky enough to see faces start to appear in them!

Personally I love to sit and admire the view at the top of the Cow and Calf rocks…you have to admit, it is pretty special!


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