The Giants

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Stories have become big news in the past few years. Everyone wants to tell the world their story. Each persons story is important to them, it is unique to them and they have lived it which makes it incredibly personal because their is an emotional attachment to it.

This weekend in Perth The Giants have arrived. These huge puppets are commemorating the centenary of Anzac and are absolutely awesome!

The Giants tell a story over 3 days, with the huge puppets walking through the streets in Perth on a mission to find each other. The story the Giants tell is about a Little Girl Giant who lives with one of the Aboriginal Communities. The community has a mysterious boat that had come up out of the sand. Only a part of the boat could be seen. When one of the communities children finds an old book and hands it to the Little Girl Giant it awakens a feeling of home and re-joining her family.

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The book told the story of a little girl in a lighthouse full of love and sorrow, who watched the soldiers leaving Australia on ships carrying hope into the lost battles. It was 1915 on the beaches of Gallipoli where the sand, reddened by the blood of men, frighten the moon.

The Little Girl Giant gets up and decides to go in search of the diver whom she saw when she was reading the book. She has a shower and gets dressed.

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She boards the boat which the community has spent 10 days digging out of the ground and sets off on her travels.

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Will she find the Diver? Where is the Diver? I will post the rest of the story soon!


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