Love is a choice…

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…Not just a feeling.

A few years ago I was walking my dog, Poppy, through our favourite wood. I was watching her as she was doing her own little thing in her own little world. It was at that moment when I realised how much I loved her! I have no idea why I had this revelation but as I looked at her I realised that we both got just as much out of this relationship as the other. She provided me with companionship, unwavering unconditional love and I proved her with the same. What more could you ask for?

It wasn’t always this perfect. Poppy and I have had our fair share of disagreements, usually about where we are walking today and how fast we will get there, where she will sleep and where I want her to sleep. We have had stand offs and disappointments…poop and new rug that’s all I am saying. However, we have pushed through the disappointments and the disagreements and come to a place of mutual respect and love.

I have decided that love is a choice. When the sparks and butterflies from when you first meet your romantic partner have faded into everyday reality it is your choice to continue to love the person you have decided to be with.

Relationships are not always easy. You have two people, with different life experiences and different ways of viewing and relating to the world coming together. A wise friend once counselled me and said that in a relationship, any relationship, you are not always going to agree but it is in how you communicate your disagreements which provides a basis to move forward.

Your closest friends and family will be the ones who will challenge you as a person the most. Relationships can help us to grow, they challenge us to look at our own insecurities and to try to be a better person, but only if we let them.

Real love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. 

I love that sentence. It speaks volumes. Everyone is imperfect. Everyone has their own unique balance of negative and positive. When you choose to love someone, you choose to accept all of them and that is where the power of love lies.

Choose today to begin to accept and love yourself as well as others. You are an imperfect being, but trust me when I say it is your imperfections which make you marvellous!!!

Have a terrific Thursday….lots of love x


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