What is a ghost?

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Simply put a ghost is an imprint of the past.

It is something which remains from something which once was.

According to dictionary.com a ghost can be described as: “A mere shadow or semblance; a trace”

A ghost is usually something or someone from the past which has come into the present moment. A ghost does not have to be a spiritual being, it can be a memory, it can be an object, something which once was. Whatever ghost you experience there will be some feeling linked to it which you can’t quite place. It’s an unsettled feeling of something which once was invading your personal space now. It never feels quite right because it is not really meant to be here…it is history.

A walk through Yanchep National Park uncovered The Ghost House. Ruins which remain with little or no history to help you understand where they came from, who built the house or what it’s purpose was. Yet here it stands, remote, desolate and evidence that something was here before you.

Sometimes we forget that we walk in other people’s footsteps. The paths are well worn and easy to follow. Even when we find the courage to step from the main path onto a side branch, someone has walked the path before you to help show you the way.

It takes courage to step into the bush and long grasses to make the first steps of a brand new path. A path which will be a representation of your ghost, your imprint, for the rest of the world to see.

If you were to create your own path what would you like it to say? What message would it convey? What would you leave behind?

Your path is your life, your ghost is what you made of it…

What you need to decide is what will give you the most joy. Following the well trodden path, following a side road, or leaping into the unknown and creating a new way for others to follow?


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