Past, future and present

Reflect on what's behind you as well as looking at what is ahead.

Reflect on what’s behind you as well as looking at what is ahead.

This year I will aim to blog more consistently. This will hopefully be easier once my life is a little more settled. I feel the need to apologise for my lack of blog posts in the past month. Moving countries means your head is in two worlds. It is a surreal feeling having ties to two places.

New Years is a time of looking back and looking forwards. It is a time of reflection for most people. It is when goals are set and things which have been achieved are reviewed. It is the borderline of two worlds, the past and the future combining in the present moment.

Moving countries, to me, feels a bit like New Years. It is a time of reflection on what you are leaving behind, places and people of sentimental value. The familiar surroundings you grew up with. A place where your accent does not feel as strange and distinctive.

Moving countries is also a time of looking forwards, looking at where you could be, where you want to be and creating new dreams, goals and aspirations. It requires open mindedness, flexibility and above all patience.

2014 has taught me many things and cemented many life lessons for me to use moving forwards. 2014 was a year of adventure, excitement and all about embracing the new. For me, 2015 feels all about change, acceptance and adaptation.

Who knows what the future will hold for any of us. It is your path which you create and tread so create wisely and creatively, dream big and never stop learning!

Here’s to a fabulous 2015!!!!


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