Where will your journey take you?

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It’s that time of year again where everyone starts to look back on what has become of the year, reviewing their hopes and dreams and achievements, and working out what is to come next.

This year has been a whirlwind for me. It started off quite slowly as I apprehensively planned my round the world trip and handed in my notice at my comfy job. I wanted to fulfil my dreams of travel and photography!

I found my confidence and inner calm in Thailand. Learnt about my strength and determination in Nepal and everything finally came together in Australia. I met up with old friends in New Zealand, embraced Tahiti and Los Angeles on my whistle stop tour back home. I went back to a job I never said I would never do again and actually discovered, although I still don’t want to do it, I’m actually good at it! Made loads of new friends and met so many interesting and wonderful people!

I have made some major decisions this year and I am hoping that next year it will all come together and make sense.

All of this may seem like a luxury but it has been due to planning and hard work for years to get to where I want to be. So at the end of one year and the start of a new year I want to share with you a tip to help you focus on achieving your own goals and dreams for 2015.

Create a chart…choose 3 – 5 things you would like to achieve. Write these things in the first column. Then in the second column write how you could achieve these. In the third column make a list of things which you need in order to achieve them (this could be financial goals, help from individuals etc) and leave the final column blank.

Every year, around this time I review my chart. In the blank column at the end I write whether the goal has been achieved, has changed, or is still in progress. I then create a new chart for the next year.

I found this method helped to focus my mind. There is something about putting things in writing and on paper which seems to encourage my brain to problem solve and find a solution to what it is I want to achieve.

Give it a go, hopefully it will work for you too.

I hope all your wishes come true!


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