Say yes to yourself

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I was asked as I was boarding the plane from Dubai to Australia am I moving to Australia for love or for work? I looked at the Swiss lady who I had issued the question and stated, “I am going for myself”. She seemed genuinely stunned…

A while ago I would have only done things if they made someone else happy. My happiness was controlled by how happy those around me were. I can’t recall exactly when I made a switch in my thinking but it did happen and now I actually focus on what makes me happy. I realised that is where my true power lives. When I do this, everything else just seems to fall into place. I can’t control anyone else but I can control myself.

The correct answer to the Swiss ladies question I suppose was I am going for both, for the love of myself and giving myself permission to follow a life long dream but also for the possibility of being about to complete international photographic projects. However, the basis of all of this actually comes from me.

Next time you are doing something, ask yourself why you are doing it? Who are you doing it for?

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


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