Saying NO

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Just recently I have had a really interesting experience. What was interesting wasn’t so much the experience itself but how I responded to it. The experience has shown me that I have grown stronger within myself. Let me explain…

I have been faced with all the challenges and emotions which come with moving to another country. I have been trying to make lots of financial decisions. The complications come when financial decisions, especially those involving large amounts of money, involve other people. It can be a frustrating experience as people suddenly stop working collaboratively for a shared goal and begin to operate from a place of personal gain.

Being an empath and a genuinely nice person I have always struggled with saying the word “no”. I am sure many of you can relate to this. It is in my nature to want to enable, support and help people to achieve their personal goals. However, I have begun to realise that I also need to observe when supporting others to achieve their goals becomes determent to me achieving mine.

People come into your life for all sorts of reasons. The majority of people who are in your life are working towards shared goals, or have some kind of connection with you in some way in relation to how you envision your life moving forwards. Everything works great when everyone is working towards the same goal. However, what happens if someone changes their mind about the end result they want to achieve?

This is when the balance and harmony within any relationship is disrupted. When you notice frustrations and conflicts starting ask yourself what you want to achieve, and what the other person wants to achieve?

I personally believe that any form of relationship, business, personal or romantic should be a mutual exchange of positive energy. I always strive to achieve this. I believe that what you give out to the world is returned to you. I only want positivity and love so therefore I will try to give positivity and love.

If someone is opposing you for some reason it is worthwhile assessing their situation and goals. Take a step back. Decide whether the relationship is still working in a positive way and if it is not have the strength to say no and walk away. Any form of low energy intimidation, bullying or playing in your fears is a signal that the relationship has run its course.

That’s what I observed this week. I could have felt victimised and intimidated. Instead I decided to take personal ownership of my fears and resolve them myself, meaning that the “bully” no longer had any power over me. I said no and let them go from my life with love hoping that they will find the direction they are looking for. It felt great!

Remember, no matter who you are you are the most important person in your life.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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