How to deal with fear

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 19.15.45

I came across this picture and I just had to share it as I found it quite prolific for me at the moment.

I always stop and think when I am feeling fearful of something, why? Why am I feeling this? What is it that I am afraid will happen? Most of the time finding the answer to these questions takes me towards a completely different direction to what I imagined the feeling would emanate from. It usually results in me finding that there is something in my past which I have not completely let go. It is almost like I am being tested: are you sure you have definitely let this person, situation, event go from your life?

This process of elimination actually takes me on a journey of discovery and transformation. There was a point in my life where if I feared something I would not do it! For years I wanted to move to live in Australia, yet the fear of actually doing that, of giving up what I knew and where I was safe was bigger than the desire itself.

By challenging my fear I have pointed myself in the right direction. I have enabled myself to grow as a person and to understand more about myself. In turn this has enabled me to help others to grow through following my journey. I have given myself permission to let go, to be free and to move forwards in an exciting and new way. It is like creating a ripple in the ocean of life.

The next time you feel fearful ask yourself one simple question:


Who knows where the answer might take you?


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