The decision has been made!

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I feel the need to apologise for my sporadic and inconsistent blog posts and to share with you my reason for this.

I am about to embark on one of my biggest adventures yet!

I am always encouraging my readers and friends to follow their dreams and I am in the process of actually following my own advice. In my experience you don’t get to know about things unless you actually experience them. You can empathise with others and imagine what people are going through but experiencing something yourself puts an emotional link to it between your head and your heart.

When I was 7 years old I proudly announced to my mum that I was going to live in Australia. My mum’s quick response was “No, you are going to school” which was extremely accurate at the time. I grew up with a secret ambition to live in a different continent. I didn’t get the opportunity to travel abroad until I was in my early 20’s. My holidays were always the classic British seaside and caravan holidays, filled with ice cream and stalking animals to photograph at night through woods!?

In 2006 I finally travelled to Australia for a holiday. It was a dream come true and I cried when I had to go home. I vowed I would return and began to research how I could move to Australia to live. Unfortunately, due to societies expectations, a serious lack of confidence and a huge heartbreak, these dreams were soon dismissed and put in a box to gather dust.

Finally, this year I returned to Australia and fell in love all over again (in more ways than one). I made the decision to begin the process to move to Australia permanently. Little did I know the endless form filling, personal questions and evidence providing (I am honestly surprised I have not been asked what colour pants I am wearing!) this entailed. I am still awaiting the outcome of the latest form filling quest!

Then there is the emotional attachments to the “stuff” I have collected in my life. Possessions which now have little meaning, such as my house in the UK. I never realised how many pairs of shoes I actually owned!!! I can also collect cups at an alarming rate and how many pizza cutters does one person actually need?

In my decision to follow my dreams and start a new life on the other side of the world I have also been dealing with preparation of the separation from my friends, family and most of all my beloved and faithful Jack Russell cross. It turns out my dog is faithful to whoever provides the best treats and entertainment and has now devotedly taken to following my dad everywhere he goes, much to his delight! I am often asked why I am not taking her with me, and the answer is because I love her too much to put her through the flight and quarantine requirements. She is such a social animal and very timid. It would be far too stressful for her and it would be selfish of me to put her through it. She will just have to learn to deal with the endless attention and cuddles that my parents provide, the top of the range specialised dog food and the huge allotment she “helps” my dad to dig.

So the lack of consistency in my posts is mainly to do with the excitement, stress, giddiness, shock, and square eyes from filling out online forms!

I have decided to tell the world about my adventure and hopefully my journey through this will inspire others to follow their dreams as well.

Remember, your dreams can be a reality with a bit of confidence, determination and sheer stubbornness!

I hope you have a super week…..until we speak again, keep smiling! 🙂


10 thoughts on “The decision has been made!

  1. Indah Susanti says:

    Wow, that’s huge! I understand completely about your decision to bring your dog or not to cross the continents. I have a dog and share your consideration about having my dog travel crossing continents and quarantines etc..etc.. . Anyway, wishing you the best and looking forward to hear your posts about it 😉

    • key Image Photographers says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. It is so nice to know someone else understands the difficult decisions involved in following their dreams. Dogs really do become part of your life and it’s hard to explain that sometimes. Hope yours is happy where they are living now? I wasn’t going to bother telling anyone about my huge move but then I decided it might help someone who has the same secret ambition I have had for years 🙂

      • Indah Susanti says:

        I used to have a dog in Indonesia, he lived with my parents. He was happy staying with my parents, they have nice gardens and he had spoiled life. It’s impossible to bring him when I was moving for my study in Europe then later on I got job etc, etc. He died couple years ago.
        Now I am living in NL and I have a dog too – I just can’t live without having a dog 🙂 He is much more mobile than my previous dog so if I have to move somewhere then I can bring him along. But again, I still don’t have heart to think the transfer process and quarantine’s tough and it’s not easy I guess..
        I think it’s good to share your story 🙂 It may inspire people who read your post 🙂 Have a nice evening!!

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