Hidden truths

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So many people talk about living in the present moment. However, if you have ever tried to do this you will find it is harder to do than you think! Living in the present moment for me means being aware of all your surroundings, everything you see, hear, smell and feel.

It is easy whilst walking to be consumed by the noise in your head. I now realise when I can hear what sounds like a white noise of thoughts that I am all in my head and not in the present moment. I make a conscious effort to stop, stand still and look around me.

Through practice this has become easier and it is amazing what you begin to notice that most people miss.

Whilst walking in my favourite wood today with Poppy, my dog, I was practising living in the present moment. Hearing the autumn leaves fall, the birds calling and seeing the beautiful sunlight dancing through the trees. I could feel the calmness of the wood. It was then I noticed this little guy, hidden in a tree. He is not the first thing I have noticed here. There is a fluffy purple spider hanging from another tree further up and the faces taken from magazines pushed into holes where branches once were.

I wonder how many people this little guy sees walk past him everyday, lost in their own thoughts and obvious to his existence.

The morale of the story is….take a moment to stop, look around and practice living in the present moment. Who knows what surprises there will be for you to find!


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