Bertie’s tips for getting to Pai

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Yes, you read that correctly, Bertie is not talking about food and has used his spellcheck. Pai is a small and friendly town near the Myanmar border, in northern Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Province. It is about 50 miles/80 km north of Chiang Mai and lies along the Pai River. It is well worth a visit, having a relaxing atmosphere and friendly feel, simple to navigate streets and amazing food stalls all of which add to the hippy charm and character of the place.

How to get there: 

Catch a bus from Chiang Mai. Be prepared for a bumpy road journey on a steep and winding route. Take a book or take a friend! Buses and mini buses usually take a break half way through the journey. Expect the journey to last about 3 hours and to cost in the region of 180THB (Prices correct March 2014) Mini bus transport can be arranged at many of the travel agents stores located within Chiang Mai.

You could choose to fly, which will take about 30 minutes and can easily be arranged online or in one of the many travel agents within Chiang Mai’s city. Or some brave backpackers will hire a motorbike and complete the journey themselves.

Leaving Pai:

To arrange a return is easily done at the bus deport in Pai itself. However, take note as most of the services stop at the Arcade Bus Station, located in the northeastern region of Chiang Mai. From here you will have to catch a red truck to your accommodation or next stop.

Coming next: Bertie’s top things to do in Pai


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