How do you get really good at something???

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When ever I meet a really successful person or someone who has achieved something which they have dreamed about doing, I always ask them how they did it?

Everyone wants success, everyone has dreams but how many people actually make the steps towards those dreams?

It is always great when we decide that we want something and we set off on a brand new adventure. Then we reach the first hurdle, encounter the first problem. Some people would take this as a sign to give it, that their dream is not obtainable. Some people will adapt their approach and continue on the path towards their dream.

I have found that perseverance is a key word used when talking to people who have achieved a goal. Do you think that an Olympic Athlete got really good at their sport over night? No it was hours and hours of training and hard work I am sure that there were moments when they wanted to give up. Moments when they wondered what on earth it was all about?

This is all part of the path you have to walk to achieve your dreams. It is a test of whether you really want it. If it was easy would you value your achievement when you actually got there?

I was sat at Tahiti Airport and there was a boy occupying himself with his yo-yo. He had his headphones on and you could hear that he was working in time to the beat of the music. What was amazing was that this boy was amazing with the yo-yo. He was obviously making the most of every opportunity to practise, every space piece of time was filled with mastering a new move. He went wrong a few times and the yo-yo dropped limply but he carried on until he had mastered that move. He maintained focus for an hour and it was a joy to watch.

So how do you get really good at something?

  • Keep focus on the end result.
  • Keep picking yourself up when you fall.
  • Perseverance
  • Maintain an open mind.

If you can think of anymore examples please feel free to leave a comment.

Have a super weekend!


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