Changing the mundane

Hepworth at night copyright Key Image

To me, photography is about light.

I always find it interesting how things can look completely different with different lighting. I especially love how dusk can change a scene completely to an array of intense colours and streams of light trails. It is similar to when it snows. What was once mundane and overlooked becomes transformed into something magical.

In Wakefield, West Yorkshire, the Hepworth Art Gallery which opened in May 2011 stands grey slated and alone against the rushing waters of the weir. However, it is at dusk when this structure comes into it’s own and reveals its beauty and becomes a piece of art work within its own rights.

Perhaps when you are going about your day today, you can take a few moments to notice the things around you which go unrecognised. This time of year in England, when the days are getting shorter is the perfect chance to observe how the night light transforms the aesthetic look of things around you. Once you notice how the mundane changes to something more interesting, you will begin to see beauty and magic everywhere you go.

Have a magical day!

For more information about the exhibitions showing at The Hepworth please visit:


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