Views changing over time

Copyright Key Image

Copyright Key Image

Have you ever been somewhere and it has taken you back to a memory from a previous point in your life? Isn’t it clever how visual images, audio sounds and different smells can bring back a memory?

How great would it be if you could change your association with places and images and songs so that they are positive and work with you rather than against you. Your brain creates an emotional reaction to things when they happen. That is why a smell from a flower can bring back a memory from childhood, or a song can reduce you to tears because you remember a lost loved one.

The key is to change the way your brain associates to this thing, change the chemical reaction. There are many techniques that can be used to do this. My favourite is to listen to the song or look at the photograph. Bring back the memory and feel those intense feelings. Close your eyes and really focus all of your intent on those feelings. Create an image of the memory in your mind. Then change this image to black and white. Slowly drain all the colour from the image so it is monochrome. Then, while firmly pressing your thumb and index finger together, give the image a soundtrack, something which makes you laugh like Benny Hill. Whilst playing your new sound track and still pushing your thumb and index finger together, make the image smaller and smaller until it starts to fade away.

When you open your eyes and release your thumb and index finger you should feel calmer. When you play the song or see the image again the emotions connected to it should be weaker.

What you have done is created a new association and empowered yourself.

When you find yourself falling back into the old association and feelings, push your thumb and index finger together and remember the silly tune and the monochrome image.

Everything takes time, patience and persistence.

Life will only be black and white if you choose it to be.


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