Common ground

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I always find it amazing how unique things, such as hobbies, talents and skills, can connect people and bring them together.

Every year an annual historic event is held a Pontefract Castle in West Yorkshire. The castle has significant historical value, like most castles in the UK. King Richard II is thought to have died there and it was the site of a series of famous sieges during the 17th century in the English Civil War.

The castle is mainly ruins now. However, Longbow Archers from around the country gather every year and shoot at a free Longbow archery tournament. Why? To unite together to celebrate the heritage of the Longbow.

This one event connects people from up and down the country. Different people with one shared passion in life. It is ironic that a weapon which would have caused people to gather on a battle field to fight and kill now connects people in a positive method of friendship and fun, with the only battles being fought being those with the stinging nettles when Archers are searching for way laid arrows.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the whole world could adopt this approach. Rather than gather together to fight we gather together in celebration of shared goals and passions.

It’s all to do with choice. Which would you rather choose?


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