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When Bertie was exploring through the north of Thailand, outside Chiang Mai, he came across a disturbing sight. A teddy bear, stuffed in a confined cage with no room to move. Alone. Head bowed. 

Bertie wondered what this teddy bear had done to desire such a cruel punishment. Then he noticed that the cage was unlocked. If the teddy bear really wanted to escape he could do, but he was trapped in his own thoughts and negativity. In fact the teddy bear was so obvious to everything else but the negativity he blocked out the sound of Bertie calling to him. He didn’t realise that if he chose to reach out that others would be there for him. 

Bertie felt a deep sinking feeling. There was nothing to be done. He could not help the teddy bear whilst he was in this state. All he could do was walk away and continue on his journey. It seemed so sad but then Bertie realised that he had once been that teddy bear, buried at the bottom of a basket, unable to see or do anything to change his situation because of the negative thinking he was embraced with. He began to consider himself lucky, that he had found the courage to embrace this journey and was accepting the opportunities that were coming his way. Hopefully, in doing this, he could inspire others to do the same. 

Bertie felt like he was lighting the path for more to follow and that gave him an immense sense of fulfilment and positivity.


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