Everybody’s journey

Everybody's journey

Did you realise that you travel every single day?

You travel for work, for pleasure, for purpose.

You travel to the gym, to the shop, to the park, to walk the dog or to visit friends.

Everyone travels for some reason or another.

Some people travel in their minds, when they watch a film, read a book or look at a photograph. They can find themselves transported into a whole new world!

One distinction is the distance travelled by some people. If you only travel a mile does this make your journey any less important?

It is the PURPOSE of travel which is important. How it fulfils you as an individual. What is it that you hope to gain from the experience? Are you even consciously aware of what you can gain?

Next time you grab your coat and rush out of the door, take a moment to think about the purpose and the fulfilment of your journey.

Everyone’s journey is significant. Even the smallest of steps can lead to the greatest of achievements!

Happy travels 🙂


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