Back to the future

Perth King's Park


Bertie had been so busy and engrossed in the present moment and what he was doing that he had hardly had any time to dwell on the past and what he now affectionately termed his “previous life”. However, every now and again a situation would arise where he would be reminded of his painful past, whether that be a person who enters his life, an event or a situation he finds himself in. All of these things suddenly become relevant when the painful memories are encouraged to sub consciously come to the forefront for him to deal with.


Bertie was beginning to realise that by shutting out your past and ignoring it you were still bringing it into the present moment with you. Accepting your past is not about not talking about it, pretending it never happened or shutting it out. If you are doing any of these things ask yourself if you are really over the emotional hold and control the events have on you?


By accepting your past you reach a place where you choose to let it go, you understand that things happened, good or bad and that the only person who is letting them have any control over your life is you. When you can talk freely and openly about things from your past without any emotional attachment to them that is when you know you have mastered them and let them go.


An emotional attachment to an event or situation basically implies that there is more healing work to be done there. It is a message from your subconscious mind that there are still things that need addressing and most probably lessons which need to be learnt in order for you to move on.


Sometimes accessing these lessons is the hardest part but once you have been through this you will be able to move on completely with a new found strength, understand and empathy.  It is then when you are free to look forward to what the future has in store for you.


Bertie was still working out what lessons he was to learn…..


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