Are you moving too fast?

Bertie with light trails

The world is such a busy place! People do not seem to take a moment to stand still and watch and listen. Everyone is always in a hurry and once they get to one destination they are already planning on where they will move on to next.


Bertie noticed that this was a common theme with travelling. Once you got somewhere you have two options. One is to book yourself up with things to do and places to go. The other is to stop and enjoy the atmosphere in this new place. To take a moment to soak up the differences. Each place Bertie had visited so far had been different in some way. Sometimes it is hard to explain what the differences are in some places, sometimes it is more a feeling, and it can be very individual!


The one thing that Bertie was beginning to realise in his busy and ever changing life was that it is always nice to purposefully slow down and enjoy being in the moment, rather than rushing on to the next. If you rush to the next thing on your plans, are you really enjoying the experience to its fullest? It has taken so much time to get here, to this place, so much effort that it would be such a shame not to enjoy it to its fullest. It would be an injustice to yourself.


Stop for a moment and ask yourself whether you are allowing yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labour or are you constantly striving for the next thing?


Sometimes when we move on to other things too quickly without fully appreciating where we are right now we can realise that we actually wasted an opportunity or we have made a mistake in being too hasty in our decision to always chase the future.


The past is in the past unless you choose to fetch it with you. The future is yet to be experienced and will only be influenced by the present moment. Ask yourself where you have the most power and control?


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