Sometimes if you want to achieve something, want to go somewhere or do something you have to have a little bit of patience. Patience means time…..and using it wisely.


Bertie had been watching people in the world as he had travelled. Different cultures had different ways of managing the time they were given in their lives. He had noticed in this modern world that people wanted things instantly. We have the world at our fingertips and waiting has become another way to add stress to our lives.


He also noticed that everyone single person on this planet is provided with the same number of hours in a day.


It is what you choose to do with those hours that counts. You can sleep in, or you can get up early and be running on the beach before most people are awake. You can watch the sun set and then rush off home, or you can embrace the moment, wait until the crowds have gone and capture the photographs that most people do not notice are possible.


Bertie decided that he was going to make the most of his time. He was going to be a beacon of shining light to others and inspire them to stop for a moment, to learn some patience and embrace the here and now.


After all, it is in the here and now that the only experiences are possible.


What will you do with your next 24 hours?


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