Age is but a number

Bertie, Colin, Mug and the open road

Sometimes age can be an excuse. It can be a restriction. Think about it for a moment. We are taught about age restrictions from a very young age. You can not drive until you are 17 (in the UK), you can not drink until you are 18 (in the UK), when you are at school you are told that you can not go into certain areas until you are in the next year, or you can not do certain projects or exams until you are a certain age. There are age restrictions everywhere, even on fairground rides! But who has told you about these age restrictions and enforced them? Stop and ask yourself whether these are actually enforced beliefs of society that you take on as part of your identity?


Some age restrictions are good. I am not arguing that, but we tend to carry the enforced belief that age can be a restriction into our adult lives. Who says that at 50 you can not roller blade? What about learning a new skill or going to college when you are 60? Age is just a number, the only restrictions are those you choose to place on it! And for every person who judges someone based on age there will be at least 3 people who will become inspired and admire you for your amazingness!


Bertie realised this recently. Whilst travelling through the amazing scenery of the Kimberley region from Darwin to Broome; there was one thing that remained constant. That was the caravans and 4 wheel drive vehicles of the mature couples who have sold up their businesses and their houses and have chosen, after a lifetime of hard work, to travel and see Australia. Australia affectionately calls these people the Grey Nomads.


Bertie was fascinated with listening to the stories and adventures of the Grey Nomads. Most were on their 3rd or 4th time around Australia and were a wealth of knowledge about free campsites, cheap petrol stops and the best places to see and go. They were happy to share stories around the campsite at night and were always willing to lead a helping hand if you had a question or needed help of some kind.


Bertie decided that he was going to aspire to capture the spirit of these noble adventurers and live his life as best as he could, seeing as much as he could and helping as many people as he could along the way.


As for age restrictions…..


It’s just a number, how you FEEL is more important! If you don’t feel young, then do something to change it, make a conscious effort to switch that feeling and be proactive in making it become a habit. It may be one habit that could transform your life for the better!


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