What are friends for?

Bertie and Colin May 2014

Bertie didn’t know much about friendships. He had always been a pretty solitary bear. He found that he had problems relating to other toys. They just didn’t seem to have had the same past as him and he found that his past did shape his views and who he has become.


Then one day, in a hostel Bertie found a friend…..under the bed, with a small layer of dust gathering on him, alone and abandoned, just like Bertie was Colin the Crocodile. Bertie was so shocked at first to see him there. As he started to speak to Colin Bertie began to realise that they had a lot in common. He had never met another abandoned teddy before and he felt a strange urge to help Colin. After all, it was not too long ago that Bertie was in the exact same situation as Colin.


Little did Bertie realise that this friendship would spark a whole new set of adventures! The first starting on the day when Bertie and Colin met, and Bertie invited him to sit with him at the window of a van which was being driven from Darwin to Broome. Bertie hoped that Colin could experience a little bit of what he had already and then maybe, just maybe, that would help him on his own journey to self realisation!?


It’s what friends are for.


17 thoughts on “What are friends for?

    • key Image Photographers says:

      Bertie has been travelling the world after being found abandoned at the bottom of a bin in a charity shop. Colin the Croc is one of his first friends and is a true story. When I was moving out of the hostel to travel across the outback I found Colin under my bunk bed. I always check everywhere as I am good at loosing things. I thought it would be nice that they continued their adventures together in celebration of all the lovely friends I made throughout my travels.
      “10 worries” was a great post 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    I’m reading this today and thinking where was i all these years around such beautiful friends. So this is how it began, The tale is so good, almost like that bedtime story that puts a child’s mind to rest with a smile. In this case, soothens a friends heart after every line. It is like the words go around in lovely spirals in your mind letting you sit back, relax and enjoy. I loved this Bud! Your consistency is truly inspiring to me. Lots of Love. – Cezane

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