Never smile at a crocodile

Crocodiles in Mary River

Bertie’s adventures have taken him to the Northern Territory of Australia, more specifically on the Mary River.

Here he has encountered an animal he has never seen before; Crocodiles….

These are Bertie’s top 10 Crocodile facts:

  1. The saltwater crocodile is a lot larger than a freshwater crocodile. It is also a lot more aggressive. Saltwater crocodiles can attack and eat freshwater crocodiles.
  2. Large saltwater Crocodiles can stay underwater for at least one hour. They do this by lowering their heart rate to 2 – 3 beats a minute. This means that they can wait underwater until they see prey.
  3. A crocodile can float with only it’s eyes and nostrils exposed. This enables it to approach prey without being detected.
  4. Crocodiles have a special transparent eyelid that protects their eyes when they are underwater. This means that they can still see when they are completely submerged.
  5. The tail of a crocodile is made up of solid muscle and is their major source of power. They can use the strength in their tail to make sudden lunges out of the water to catch their prey.
  6. Crocodiles have a thin layer of guanine crystals behind their retina, which means that they can intensify images and see better at low light levels.
  7. Crocodiles have a minimum exposure posture in the water meaning that only their sensory organs (eyes, cranial platform, ears and nostrils) remain out of the water. They can often go unseen by their prey and even if they are observed it is difficult to tell how big the crocodile actually is.
  8. Crocodiles eyes are located very closely together. This helps them to locate their prey particularly in low light or poor visibility conditions.
  9. Crocodiles can regularly loose teeth but they have a second tooth sitting in reserve underneath the external tooth which can quickly replace a lost tooth.
  10. The jaws of a crocodile are designed to generate enormous power when they are closing enabling them to quickly crush their prey.

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