You are never alone

You are never alone

Bertie and Rudiger

Bertie had begun to learn about something that he had never considered before. Being a solitary bear, Bertie liked to keep himself to himself, but through travelling he was beginning to open up to people a little more. In some ways because he was moving around so much it felt less intimidating for him to get to know someone and let them into his little world. However, the more he let people in the easier it felt.

Bertie had arrived in Australia. His first stop was Perth, a very spread out city which grew on you over time if you let it. It was here that Bertie was to have his very first experience of friendship.

Bertie met Rudiger.

It was an interesting meeting at first as Bertie had briefly come across other travelling bears but he was beginning to realise that he was more proactive than most. Rudiger had a different accent to Bertie and he sometimes had to listen really hard and carefully to the conversation. This depth of focus only lead to a deeper connection and Bertie soon felt comfortably being himself around Rudiger.

It was nice to have another bear to do things with. To share experiences. To learn new things with and to share life stories.

The more they talked the more they found that they had things in common. Rudiger had also been a gift and felt alone sometimes. Bertie began to realise that his insecurities and worries were not so different to other peoples.

Rudiger was tied in a prime position on the outside of a back pack and although this meant that he was a slightly weathered bear, it also meant that he was able to observe the journey first hand. Bertie was enjoying sharing stories with Rudiger and he felt a confident glow when he was with him.

Bertie began to realise that even when he was travelling he was no longer alone. In fact, he was beginning to realise whether he had ever really been alone or whether it had been a choice to shut others out of his life through fear.

This was an interesting light bulb moment for our little bear, and one he was glad that he finally had let someone in enough to realise. Perhaps people are in our lives to be a reflection of what we need to see, experience and learn?

Bertie’s life and thinking was beginning to change in ways which he had never believed possible but also in ways which were impossible to turn back from. The thing was he wasn’t sure where they would take him either. For now, however, Bertie was just happy to drift along with a little help from his new friends.


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