Achieving your goals, Bertie style

Bertie at Base Camp

Some people choose to wish on a star and see what happens, others choose to plan and organise a method to move towards their wishes and goals. Some wishes can not be planned, but with daily steps, consistent motivation even when you don’t feel like it, they can be achieved.

Like an athlete preparing for a race, putting energy every day into pushing themselves further and further through their own personal limits and setting new goals on a daily basis. A wish or a dream can be achieved in the same way.

First you have to make the decision to start.

Then you have to follow through on your decision.

Every day devoting time to achieving your goals. Every day setting aside time to work on your dreams, even if you are tired, feel that you can not fit it in, or want to do something more “fun”. Someone who has achieved a dream or a goal is someone who has maintained consistent focus on what they want and actively worked towards it everyday.

You may find that your wish or dream begins to change and transform before your eyes and moulds itself into something even more amazing that you could have first imagined.

This is how Bertie completed his trek.

Every day, focusing on what needed to be done bit by bit. Taking small steps towards meeting his goals and his dream. Bertie realised that he had kept the bigger picture of reaching Base Camp in his mind, but in the background and took the small steps to reach his goals and choose to focus on each section he was to complete, before he knew it he would be where he wanted to be.

There were times when Bertie wanted to give up, to sit down and return to a lower altitude, and there will be times when you are on your way to your dream that you will wonder what you are doing and why you are doing it. You will have days where you feel tired, but the difference between someone who has achieved their goal and someone who has not is that one person pushed onwards through all odds. Just like Bertie. He pushed through the negative self doubts and self talk and tried to maintain focus on the final outcome of the whole journey and how he would feel when he had achieved that.

He could not believe it when he actually got there!

What goals could you start working towards today? What small steps do you need to start making on a daily basis to achieve what you want to achieve? How will you feel when you finally get there?


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