Who are we really?


Two stars from the show pose with Bertie

Two stars from the show pose with Bertie

Bertie was getting use to U-turns and sudden changes on this journey. In fact he had come to expect it! Tonights “U-turn” was a complete surprise to Bertie and plummeted him into something which he had never thought of before. Tonight Bertie went to Calypso Ladyboy Cabaret show in Bangkok!

Bertie had met several people who have seemed to be lost in a journey of self discovery but tonights experience got him wondering. What happens if you don’t just feel uncomfortable in the skin you are in but you feel that it just does not fit you or represent who you feel on the inside?

Bertie had seen several tattoo shops throughout Thailand and had watched as people emerged from the shops proudly sporting some new body art. This body art represented something important to that person, it was an outward expression of something they felt deeply connected to on the inside.

Is this what the Ladyboys of Bangkok feel, Bertie wondered? How hard it must have been to come to accept yourself completely and have the strength to follow your feelings and vision of who you feel you really are, especially when presenting that vision and inner feeling of yourself to the world and knowing that some people will judge you for it? But then is that not like any form of inner expression? Bertie had begun to realise that there will always be people who will judge you or have opposing thoughts and beliefs to you.

Some people may argue that these men denying their true selves, or denying the identity they were born with?

Watching the men perform on stage, smiling, happy and obviously loving what they are doing Bertie began to wonder whether all his questions mattered at all!? They were doing what they loved doing and doing it against all odds, a bit like Bertie was doing with his journey. They were shouting to the world “This is me and aren’t I fabulous!” He suddenly felt a deep compassion towards the performers. He began to realise that people in this world are not as different as they imagine themselves to be. At the end of the day everyone is going through life trying to be accepted for who they are. What happens when you learn to truly accept yourself and embrace yourself for the wonderful soul that you are? Bertie was yet to find out.



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