Waking the sleeping giant

Mountains and prayer fags

Up until now Bertie had been enjoying a relaxing ride through Thailand. Now he was in Nepal the hard work was going to begin.

Bertie started his trek fresh with enthusiasm and excitement about what was to come. He was quite pleased to be leaving the hustle and bustle of Kathamndu behind for the calmer tranquility of the mountains.

The first part of the trek started well. Driven by his excitement Bertie enjoyed the walks through the Hill tribe communities and mountain ranges. The more he watched and observed his surroundings, the more Bertie began to realise that people were not so different from each other, they just failed to notice it on many occasions.

People seem to have had many different journeys to get to the same places. Some had more trails and tribulations than others and everyone had their own story to tell and had their own reason for being in the mountains and for completing this trek.

Bertie was beginning to realise that if you go beyond the ego and the materialistic wants and needs that most people focus on, you begin to realise that everything on this planet has the same daily needs. Everything is inter-connected.

Stripping back the luxuries of life and going back to basic living reminded Bertie where he had come from. He had been a bear with nothing, no family, no belongings and no hope. How different this journey had made him feel. He had felt liberated and felt a deep understanding of the people and animals whom he had come into contact with on this journey so far. Those that were from similar backgrounds to himself but they were still worlds apart in where they lived.

It began to dawn on Bertie that he was actually homeless. He still had no where he truly called home and he had very limited belongings but the difference is that he was beginning to feel truly happy. His situation had not changed at all, so what had?

Bertie was beginning to realise that it was his outlook on life that was beginning to change. His views, ideas, beliefs and opinions were being challenged and tested on a daily basis and as long as he maintained an open mind to these challenges he was beginning to grow and learn within himself. That was the source of the happy feeling. It was a deep internal feeling that he had never felt before. It felt like this is what he had been searching for but had not realised it and didn’t even know that by letting go of everything he could achieve it. He had spent so much of his life looking to belong, to fit in and find where he could be safe that he had missed the alternative of letting go completely and seeing where life was taking him.



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