Bertie’s top tips for arriving in Nepal

Bertie arrives in Nepal

Bertie’s top tips for arriving in Nepal:

1. Try to obtain your visa online before you arrive. The visa queues on arrival are very long and can take 1 – 2 hours to get through.

2. Nepali SIM cards are readily available throughout Kathmandu. Look for the NCELL sign outside shops. Be aware though that you need to provide a good photocopy of your passport, fill in a detailed form and also provide your finger prints in order to obtain a SIM! At the time of travel (March 2014) a NCELL basic sim cost 350 NR

3. People in Nepal speak very good English!!!

4. Ensure that you have some US dollars or GBP on you so you can easily change these to Nepalese Rupees. Both USD and GBP can be taken from cash machines situated inside Bangkok’s airport. Alternatively, there are several exchange bureau’s in Thamel, Kathmandu.

5. Bertie could not find anywhere in Bangkok which would exchange Thai Baht for Nepalese Rupees.

6. Credit cards are accepted in the main areas of Kathmandu. However, there can be a charge for using your card, ranging from $1 to 2% of the bill.

7. Electricity in Nepal is sporadic and can go down at any time. Of an evening the electricity can be turned off meaning there are no street lights. Therefore, it is best to carry a small torch and to not go out in the evening alone.

8. Wifi and internet access is available in most hotels and is usually free.



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