Plain sailing

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Bertie had experienced many new things in such a short space of time, but what was to happy next was completely new to him. He was rocked gently to sleep in the comfort and darkness of the backpack he had now begun to call home. As he was drifting off he though how strange it was that he was able to become so settled in the security and familiarity of the backpack as quickly as he had done. It had not taken long at all. Once he had got use to the familiar surroundings and smells he began to think of it as a place of safety. He reflected that it was a bit like life. When we first arrive somewhere it can be so strange, all the new sensations almost attacking your sense and over loading them with new information to process. It is a tiresome process, but after a few days of getting your bearings, of seeing, hearing and smelling the same things you can begin to notice familiarities and things which you didn’t at first. You begin to see the same people and suddenly the place that caused you to become so overwhelmed in the first place now feels comforting and familiar.
This new sensation was so relaxing. A gentle and rhythmic rocking. It came as a sudden shock to Bertie when he was pulled from the pack into the bright glare of the sunlight. He was placed on a slightly wet but warm wooden surface. As his little beady eyes slowly become adjusted to the shock of the sudden sunlight he began to look around…all he could see was turquoise blue! Where was he? He felt panic begin to rise within him. He had two options, he could panic and try to roll back to the safety of the back pack, the security that he knew, or he could calm himself and embrace the experience by taking in more of his surroundings.
After a few moments of contemplation the decision had been made by default and as he began to get out of the thoughts in his head he could hear and see more. He was, in fact, in good company. There were a few people around him all smiling at him. One thing that had amazed Bertie on this journey so far was how everyone had smiled at him as he posed for various photographs.
He noticed a beautiful white sandy beach. The calm and tranquility of the surroundings. He began to relax, so relieved that he had soothed his initial panic. The more he relaxed the more he saw, and it was amazing! He began to realise that he had a prime seat to watch the world drift by. This was the life he thought to himself. A million miles away from the dusty and dark charity shop that had once been his home. Now Bertie was calm he was beginning to see the light and the benefit in embracing the journey.


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