The hustle and bustle of life

Bertie at Doi Suthep

Bertie was experiencing so many new things on his adventure that it was hard to keep track of all the different experiences. This was so different to anything he had ever been through before part of him longed for the security and safety of his dusty basket, where as another part of him was excited and curious about what was to come!

Today Bertie was to experience being around more people than he had ever done before. He was taken to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep temple. He was expecting peace and tranquility but instead he was amongst hustle and bustle. His little bear brain could not take in the amount of information that surrounded him, let alone focus on one thing. There were so many different languages being spoken and so many people only pausing to take a photograph, or to kneel in front of monks wrapped in their yellow robes and then they would move quickly on.

Bertie was relieved when he was able to pause for a while. Peeping out from inside his cosy and safe pocket he watched with interest. There were people everywhere and they never seemed to stop moving. Bertie began to wonder why? Now that he was still he began to notice so much more. He tried to drown the noise from the crowds out and look at the place he had come to rest.

The more still that Bertie became the more things he noticed, such as the old lady who was working her way down a line of large bells concentrating hard and ringing each one with a careful purpose. When she got to the end of the line of bells she put her hands together and bowed. There was a large, tan coloured dog which had found shelter from the blazing mid day sun underneath a large, golden bell, and the gentleman who was sat still with a white stick in his hands who also looked to be listening to the scene around him.

Bertie began to wonder why most of the people around him felt the need to be on the move all the time? Surely they would get more from this spiritual place if they paused long enough to let it consume them? What was the rush? Why didn’t they sit down and let the environment consume them rather than chasing the next experience?

As Bertie continued to watch he realised that sometimes people can be so consumed with their own thoughts and in their own worlds that they are not really present in the world around them. It was almost as if these people had created a little bubble which was theirs and theirs alone.

Although Bertie was enjoying watching the scene’s before him he was relieved when he was carefully carried out of the temple and he could snuggle safely into his warm pocket while listening to the gentle roar of an engine.

What a surreal experience, he thought as he drifted off into a daydream like sleep.


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