Meet Bertie the Bear


Meet Bertie…..he’s a simple bear, who travels light and has been carried into an unknown adventure. Not much is known about Bertie’s past and he likes to keep it that way. He chooses to focus on the present moment. The present moment being a strange new place, with people who talk in a strange new way that Bertie has never heard before. There are sights and sounds and smells and so much to explore and see and do. It would be easy to become overwhelmed.

For the first part of Bertie’s trip we find him in Thailand. His journey to arrive here is long and the warmth of the sun in this place takes some getting use to for a bear who has been buried at the bottom of a basket for what seemed like forever!

There are strange new creatures in this place. They seem calm, although Bertie finds himself very intimidated by their size, he seems to somehow sense that they mean him no harm. The whole experience has caused Bertie to start to think. Something which he has tried to avoid for a while now. Thinking leads to questions and questions require answers and finding the answers to some questions can unlock a very scary journey into the unknown. Never the less, Bertie is thinking. He is thinking about communication. How it is such a simple thing, that every living thing does in its own unique way, but how without fully understanding what is being communicated, how things are being said and the reasons why things are done it can cause many problems in life. For example, these majestic animals that Bertie encountered in his first week of travelling have been communicated to by humans in an attempt to use their skills and strength. How have people communicated to them? In the only way some people know how, and that is through dominance, force and pain. When they do something wrong, it hurts, so they know they don’t do that.

Bertie began to wonder, what if there was a better way to communicate with these animals. Once which involved kindness, reward, patience and mutual understanding. Surely that would be a much better way to live?

Yes, for the first time in a long time, Bertie was beginning to think. He almost felt like he was waking up from a deep sleep.


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