What is your uniqueness?

Copyright Key Image Photographers

Copyright Key Image Photographers

Are you doing what you are meant to be doing?

There is something special and unique about you. You have something deep inside you that no one else has. Sometimes this “thing” or gift can stay hidden, lost in the ego and disguised in the opinions and thoughts of others. What a waste. No one else can offer the gift that you have to the world. It is your special message.

What happens if you put the work in and let your uniqueness rise to the surface. You clear the muck that surrounds it and allow it to shine through.

The photograph above was from my Degree exhibition work in 2002. My accompanying thesis discussed versions of reality, perceptions and the continuous journey of life.

I left University and enrolled on a post graduate teaching course. Although I will never regret this decision as it provided me with many more skills and I made some amazing friends, I began to unknowingly move away from my uniqueness and into a world of conformity.

I find it spookily coincidental that years later I was to come full circle, pick up a camera and photograph journeys, write about versions of reality and perceptions of the world.

What is your unique skill and more importantly are you using it?


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