Poppy’s guide to mud!

One of Poppy’s many talents is locating the biggest muddy puddle on every walk.

Here’s Poppy’s guide to mud!

1. Being vertically challenged helps. Consider your leg length to floor clearance.

2. Treat your stomach like mud flaps….then ensure that you run as quick as you can through big muddy puddles!

3. Ensure you run through more than one muddy puddle. This guarantees an even coverage and makes it difficult for your owner to wipe you clean.

4. Remember mud is good for your complexion!

5. If there’s not been much rain, get digging. This is especially good if you feel like having a facial (see photo)

6. Drop and roll…..either in the mud or using your favourite tennis ball. That way you can save some mud for later after you’ve got clean.

7. Have fun! It’s what playing in mud is all about.

So what are you waiting for? Your clothes will wash. Get those wellies on and have a mud-tastic day 🙂




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